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StingBox | Network HoneyPot

StingBox | Network HoneyPot

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Detects Network Intrusions
StingBox is a simple low interaction honeypot and network intrusion alarm. If scanned or probed, StingBox alerts you and your security team to each network breach and device IP it came from. StingBox HoneyPot appears and responds to a hacker like an unsecured server. The StingBox “HackerCam” records a hacker’s keystrokes and sends a video alert. Alerts arrive via email, voice or text, configured from a single cloud based dashboard where you can monitor one or hundreds of StingBoxes.

Proactively Maps & Alerts You to New Devices on Your Network
StingBox proactively scans your Local Area Network for unauthorized connections. If an unknown computer connects to your network, StingBox detects and alerts you to that connection and the device name and IP address it’s operating on.

Proactively Scans & Alerts You to Open Ports on Your WAN
StingBox scans your Wide Area Network for open ports. If a new external open port is detected on your public facing network, StingBox detects and alerts you to keep your Network safe.

Simple Setup
Every StingBox is pre-configured. You simply plug it in and tell us how and where you want any alerts to be sent. StingBox is secured to prevent online tampering and our system alerts you if it is ever disconnected. Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Safe, Simple, Secure.

StingBox is a Network Burglar Alarm
StingBox isn’t a replacement for good security practices, products or procedures. StingBox is an alarm that alerts you when other protections have failed. StingBox does this securely, at low cost, and generally in time for you to close the leak and secure your network before far more serious and costly damage can be done.

Note: Monitoring and support includes Ari Integration monitoring your StingBox and alerting you as well as helping to understand what the detected breach was and any info acquired by the StingBox.
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